Lessons and lassitude

I took Destroyer to a skating lesson on her own this afternoon, so we could get a bit of focus on her. Destroyer did a lot of skating in circles and a bit of jumping about and cross stepping. Destroyer isn’t quite as advanced as her sister, and I don’t know if that’s just because she’s two years younger, or she’s using roller skates not inline skates, or just different, but there wasn’t quite the ludicrous things La Serpiente was doing. But she did get to skate backwards, which is going to be a hoot.
I was exhausted by six pm; it had been an arduous day, with work that seemed to be never ending, and emails that kept appearing by surprise. I’d had people email me from New York, but all the early morning emails were obscured by all the emails that arrived during normal Seattle working hours, and then I had to catch up, and … and … and …

The girls went to sleep quickly tonight, and then I drove to the zoo to get the car charged. I’d heard a rumour that the charger at the zoo is free (it’s not) but now I’m at 280 miles of range, not 40. Now I can stop worrying.

Tomorrow, I have an exciting task – to go up a ladder and try and get into our house, while it’s still up in the air …

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