Little to report

Today I had the kids to look after, and La Serpiente had to do some writing, and over about an hour we wrote thirty words, which was brutal and involved her weeping almost all of the time. So that was a fun way to spend Friday. Later, I returned to bed and napped until I could face the world once more.
I also read two books by James Lovegrove in his Sherlock Holmes/HP Lovecraft mashup. These are fun, although I’m only adding to the pile of books that I haven’t read that I meant to at the start of the year. Onwards. I’ve almost finished Cyberpunk now so perhaps I’ll stop mucking about on the Xbox again for a while…

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  1. Are there carrots you can use with La Serpiente. I’d love her to read out loud what she has written. Does the teacher give her a subject to write about ?

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