Living in the present

I gave Destroyer a present this morning, Cinder, a shiny green Beanie Baby dragon about half her size. This provoked some anger from La Serpiente, who couldn’t understand why she wasn’t also getting more presents, despite already having a myriad of cuddly toys. Still, it was good that Destroyer liked Cinder, as evidenced by her clutching tightly to him/her all the way around the Yayoi Kusama exhibition at the National Gallery today.
In the afternoon we … well, we must have done something, but there’s a tremendous blank spot until 5:30, when I strapped Destroyer into the running stroller and took her out for half an hour. At some point in the blank spot I ate some cheese sandwiches, but that’s hardly the thrill you come here for.

I had attached my tripod mount to the handlebar of the stroller, and the Glif to the tripod mount, and my phone to that, and although the whole thing seemed highly precarious, we got round 5 kilometres of bouncing over manhole covers, curbs and steps without my phone jolting free, and hat produced two minutes of sped-up video. So that was a productive test of the whole set up.

This evening we gave the girls their baths, and then remembered Destroyer’s last present: a big pink corporate-branded towel. La Serpiente had got a big purple corporate-branded towel last week, so I didn’t think this would stir the pot much, but alas, it was like throwing petrol on the flames of envy. Wailing and rage burst out from La Serpiente despite it being made clear to her that she already had a corporate-branded towel (two, if you count her purple Yahoo! beach towel, now surely a collector’s item) but to no avail. Eventually, we had to threaten only reading her two books for bedtime, and when I had to follow through on that, it was another 30 minutes of howling about how she could only sleep if she had me read Stellaluna to her, and turn all the lights on.

I remained steadfast, or at least I ended up having to lie next to her in her bed until she fell asleep, exhausted by all this complaining. Who knows what terror tomorrow’s birthday(s) party will wreak?

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  1. Why do I always feel exhausted and drained after reading your posts .. still there’s some comfort in the fact that my son as yet isn’t quite at the “howling” stage

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