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  • Off we go again…

    It’s important to prepare for a long flight by being rested and hydrated, which was why when I went to the office Christmas party last night, I was doublefisting champagne for the first hour, and then on the wasabi martinis after that.

  • Christmas 2017

    This Christmas morning, I awoke at 7:30, still mostly unconscious, and struggled through the first hour of child handling, before we ventured out in search of coffee. We limited the children to only making a few dents in the cornucopia of presents under the tree: they could open what was in their stockings, plus one […]

  • Still living in the present

    Today was Youth Day so La Serpiente had no school. That meant I could desert my kids and scuttle off to work to eat scrambled eggs. My parental duties were not entirely neglected, as my wife brought both girls to the office later. La Serpiente was very solicitous of my welfare. "Daddy, you must eat […]

  • Living in the present

    I gave Destroyer a present this morning, Cinder, a shiny green Beanie Baby dragon about half her size. This provoked some anger from La Serpiente, who couldn’t understand why she wasn’t also getting more presents, despite already having a myriad of cuddly toys. Still, it was good that Destroyer liked Cinder, as evidenced by her […]

  • Early birthday presents

    It’s my birthday tomorrow, but after opening some of my presents on Saturday – new cycling shorts, new pants and socks, and Guy Martin’s second autobiography – I had one more parcel that my wife had given me to fly back to Singapore with. It had the concerning dimensions and weight of a small, hyper […]

  • Good things come even if you don’t wait

    Our child recovered from her fever today, and returned to being lively and cheerful. She was still lively and cheerful an hour after her normal bedtime tonight, and while seeing her crawl around the bed with a big grin on her face was rewarding, I really wanted her to go to sleep. And not try […]

  • Christmas

    We got up at eight this morning; Felicity had been pretty compliant in the night and allowed us to get some sleep before her six-month-a-versary. My wife had decided to make some cinnamon rolls for breakfast, but due to an unfortunately complicated recipe, we’d failed to prepare the yeast properly last night and the dough […]

  • The dripping of winter noses, and misadventures in time and shopping

    I’ve come down with a head cold, which is a somewhat miserable thing to happen. I’d hoped Singapore’s heat and humidity would mean this would be one disease I wouldn’t suffer, but despite having my sinuses in a perpetual steam bath, I’m still bunged up, woozy headed, and dripping. That’s right, dripping. Without a tissue […]