Still living in the present

Today was Youth Day so La Serpiente had no school. That meant I could desert my kids and scuttle off to work to eat scrambled eggs. My parental duties were not entirely neglected, as my wife brought both girls to the office later.

La Serpiente was very solicitous of my welfare. "Daddy, you must eat candy" she insisted, although I’ve given upbsuagr for the day so I had to turn her down, and then turn them out into the street to go to the library. There, Destroyer ran in circles while counting to 12, which I think is pretty good going for a 2-year old.

This evening I had track, and I embarassed myself by starting in the fast group, running 1000m sets in 5:45, and then couldn’t take the pace and had to drop to 800m sets on the same time. At least I stayed fairly consistent and finished the set, then slowly walked back to the station, then back home to eat cold pizza and finish off a bottle of wine. Cold comfort pizza, that was a book, wasn’t it?

It’s my wife’s birthday tomorrow and although I haven’t booked a room in a playgym for her to run around in until she’s tired, I have bought her some presents. I got La Serpiente to present her with one at work, a USB cable. This act of romantic thoughtfulness astounded my coworkers, who I think were amazed first at my audacity, and then further impressed when my wife was happy with this prosaic gift, rather than decking me. Well, I had endured there were witnesses in case an altercation occurred. There’s no percentage in not being careful.

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