Long day

I stayed up too late playing Cyberpunk, a common refrain, then after a short sleep went climbing. Today I did an orange route, which I’d have photographed if my phone hadn’t been malfunctioning. This was quite scary – seven feet above the ground I had to heel hook and then lunge with my left hand to get a hold, and that wasn’t even the end of it. I managed it on my second try: my ambition now is to repeat it, without being terrified.
The girls and my wife went hiking without me, so I had the rest of the day to eat biscuits, nap and go help with the homeless, before we all reconvened at home about 4. The girls were well worn out from their walk, so the rest of the day was just gentle attrition until they were in bed, and I had to think of more to do with the story of the four pigs.

Finished the day off with Blood Bowl, an unexpected 3-0 victory, which is a nice way to end it. Dentist tomorrow at 7 am to fit a permanent crown, so an early night tonight. And goodness, do I need one.

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