Long day in Kuala Lumpur

I got into the hotel just after midnight – I caught the train from KLIA2 with less than a minute to spare – and went to bed an hour later, setting my alarm so I could still get my 7 hours sleep. I woke a little early, from a horrible dream about amateur dramatics and shouting ‘Gary! Gary!’ over and over again. Normal start to the day, then.
Today I spent mostly at the office, preparing Powerpoint presentations, then at external meetings, before sitting in traffic for a long time and going back to the hotel. I had dinner early – I was very hungry – and ate a very gooey risotto before heading to my room.

The day had worn me out. I had a short call back to my ladies in Singapore to remind them that I still existed, read for a bit, and contemplated swimming, but my stomach was a bit unhappy after all that cheese so I decided cowardice was the better part of valour and stayed in my room, reading a novel. A dreadful, terrible novel about debauched Space Marines.

Then, of course, ashamed by such nerdiness, I went and played a game of Blood Bowl instead.

Tomorrow, I’ll be getting up nice and early and going for a swim, I promise. Today has worn me out inexplicably. Well, if staying up until 1 in the morning and then thinking really hard all day isn’t a good explanation.

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