Long walk, unspoiled

After my regular Sunday morning climb, I drove home, packed the wife and kids into the car, and we drove back to Coal Creek to repeat yesterday’s hike.
We went a lot quicker the second time around; it took us three hours or more yesterday, but with less screaming and yelling from the kids, we did the whole thing in about two hours today.

Today we heard a lot of frogs ribbiting. I don’t know if that’s because yesterday we were too noisy and scared the frogs off, or if today was frog party time, but it was lovely to hear.

As it was their second time on the trail, the girls were excited to show their mother all the things we’d found yesterday, like the tree covered in mushrooms and the dry creek bed with a drainpipe you could peer through.

So we cantered on around the woods. La Serpiente demanded to go running with me, so that was a fun way to descend the hills, and pretty soon we were all the way round, and eating Mexican food in the brand-new ghost town of Newcastle, a development of a couple of hundred apartments and townhouses in the middle of nowhere, with nobody living there.

Came home, got an ill advised haircut with the sides of my head shaved, lay on the sofa. A good day.

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