Long way home

I took off at a few minutes before midday in Seattle, and seemed to fly forever to get to Seoul. Annoyingly, I couldn’t sleep, apart from when I fell asleep just after take off and woke half an hour later, groggy and baffled.
So I read, and listened to Elton John over and over again, all the way to Seoul. (There didn’t seem to be any new films to watch vs last week.) I was a bit annoyed that I couldn’t sleep – what’s the point of a comfortable seat if all you do is sit in it? – and I now realise that Seattle – Seoul – Singapore is a lot slower than the Narita route, because the layover is much longer (and it feels like the Pacific leg is about three hours longer).

Incheon is even shinier and newer than Changi, and so I whiled away three hours there, then tried unsuccessfully to doze on the way to Singapore. Then a very long walk through Terminal 4,and a car ride home to my wife. And so to bed

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