Long weekend in two days

Yesterday I drove for six hours, down to Vancouver to play Blood Bowl, and back up to pick up my wife and daughters from the airport. In between, three games of Blood Bowl where I tested out my Chaos Cup build.

Things went ok: I got a win in the first game 2-1, I couldn’t find a way to beat up some elves in game 2 and lost 1-0 (my planned equalizer ruined when my opponent rolled a 5+ to dodge in and hit my ball carrier) and I had a blow out third match where I scored three times and my opponent couldn’t hit me. (And an officious ref overlooked my fouling and my illegal hand grenades and sent off one of his players for no reason at all.)

Then the demented drive north to pick up my family, missing the chance to place higher (I still got 7th out of 20, with everyone else playing one more game than me).

La Serpiente had been sick on the plane just before landing, but was otherwise OK. I bundled everyone into the car and drove us home, the journey from SeaTac over in seconds, compared with my odyssey from the south.

This morning, an old friend, Mira, who I met when I was performing at a comedy club in Hong Kong back in 2008, was in town, , so we met for coffee in the morning, before La Serpiente had a birthday party to attend in the afternoon. I’d been up since 5 for a second day running and although I didn’t have 6 hours of driving today, I was still exhausted, fell asleep watching the highlights of the Seattle-Dallas football game.

Frogmorton is mostly adjusted to the extra humans in his house. I tidied up the bedroom and the living room a bit (ridding us of more old cardboard boxes, decanting various containers of boardgame supplies into more compact ones) and then we played with Froggy a bit, before trying to inspire the girls with TV programmers about roast chicken. And then all of us went to bed.

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