Losing things

I keep losing things. In the last two weeks I’ve lost a new wooly hat and a pair of Bluetooth headphones. Both of these are galling; I have other hats, but this was a new, and very warm one. I have other headphones, but they don’t work with my phone as it has no headphone jack, and while there’s still the possibility that they’re somewhere in my house, I don’t want to drop cash that I don’t even have right now on another set. So that’s a bit aggravating.

I also thought I’d lost my bus pass, but I’d just stuck it in my wallet the wrong way round

Freudian analysis suggests that subconsciously, I wanted to lose these things. I’m not sure why y subconscious has a grduge against me – what did I ever do to him? Yet he visits these mild inconveniences upon me

Or perhaps he’s trying to be helpful I’ve put on weight since I got to America and so the extra exercise of running up and down stairs looking for my keys, or stressing out about missing possessions, is surely doing something to burn off calories.

Yeah, right. Thanks so much, subconscious.

While my mind tries to sabotage me, there’s happier news because my parents have come to visit, and the girls are ecstatic at the prospect of more adults to camber over. The girls now have a succession of new and exciting clothes to wear, and I’m lookong forwards to taking the whole family around Washington state.

If I don’t get lost, that is.

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