Lots and lots of snow

I woke to thick snow this morning and my wife sent me out to do useful things like clear the sidewalk. With one of my neighbours we excavated a route all the way up our block (by now the snow was five inches deep and getting thicker) and this made a huge difference, as you can walk without feeling like you’re about to die from overwork. When I walked round the corner to get coffees and found the going super hard because nobody else had shovelled the street, I understood the importance a bit more, and when I got home and was ready to keel over, I understood even better.
The girls, excited by snow had been up since 5 this morning. We had them make cookies in between forays to the outdoors, and my father gave La Serpiente her first chess lesson, via web cam. Then in the afternoon, after building a huge ramp in the park for the children to slide their sleds down, I went for a walk to the library. Which was shut. And then to the toy shop (also shut) and then home, a long, long walk through the snow, but I guess I needed the exercise. Well, the lower body exercise, compared to the upper body oomph of tromping around Seattle.

Then it was another attempt to get La Serpiente to write, before I made dinner – sausage and mash, which the girls are up completely, a miracle given they usually refuse anything that’s not either peanut butter sandwiches or artichoke pasta. I out the girls to bed, fell asleep myself and then tried to finish a bit more of the Cyberpunk game, which turned into three lost hours. I really need to get over this, and get back out to the snow for more chilly adventures…

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  1. Glad you were so public spirited to clear a path through the snow. BTW does La Serpiente ‘s teacher give her a subject to write about ?

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