Lots of Blubbo

I had to get up early today to let the drywallers in: they started at 8 this morning, and when I returned from a four hour game of Blood Bowl at 5pm, they were just leaving. The basement and the extension is now drywalled and ready for the next stage of coating; things now feel much closer than ever to completion.
Meanwhile, our cat has been confirmed- I go to collect him some time next week, so this weekend I’m busy tidying our bedroom so there’s nothing for him to get into. For the first few days he’ll share the bedroom and bathroom with me, before we let him explore more of the house (for example, we don’t want him falling down the open heating vent, do we?)

I had two games of Blood Bowl today, one where I played very loosely but still squeaked a 2-0 win, and another where my team got wrecked but I managed a draw. So, both successes, I believe.

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