Lots of noise

Various children came around today and played in our house, making such a hullabaloo that Froggy went and hid behind a pile of old bags in our bedroom, and didn’t come out for a while. The kids squealed and squawked while I tried to get work done, an uphill battle that got harder as the day went on and my little cupboard grew warmer.
Still, we sidle slowly closer to completing the house (we’re now at a stage where we can start picking out washing machines to be installed) and at the same time I’m slowly tidying my house into the state it should have been two years ago.

I’m also recovering from eating all that roast chicken yesterday: thankfully no ill effects beyond feeling terribly dehydrated all morning. We’ve run out of cold brew coffee though and I had to brew my own for the first time in months. Strange days indeed.

I finished the evening with a game of Blood Bowl, a 2-2 draw that was rather satisfying. And onwards to victory!

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