Loud noises

Today our carpenter was planning on putting down new flooring in our living room to tie it into the kitchen, but hadn’t realized the previous reno had involved gluing the wood down, not just nailing it, so there was an awful lot more work to do to prise it up. And the sounds of sanding and hammering continued all day, until I began to wish that I’d worked from the office today.

Still, I was glad to be at home and not have to do the commute until I felt more settled from yesterday’s hijinks. The insurance claim seems to be simple to process, but getting the repairs done will be a three to four month wait. Not overjoyed about that.

Still, the girls excelled at skating today, which pleased me greatly, I have eight entrants for my tournament at the weekend, we’re almost prepped for the arrival of my family next week … things are going to plan. On we go and on and on and on!

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