Loud noises

Today, they framed the rear extension to our house. That can’t convey the madness of the day.
At eight a.m. today, the rear extension was a concrete foundation. At four p.m., the entire structure of the studs had been framed: we have a ten or fourteen foot high wooden cuboid on the back of our house, after eight hours of continuous banging, screwing, nailing and drilling. Just like the making of sausages, it’s better to enjoy the end result than the process, and though I was right next to it, sat in my windowless upstairs dungeon, I couldn’t see any of what was going on. I just heard nail guns and occasional cries of glee and triumph.

And downstairs in the basement, the work didn’t abate either. Almost all the walls are done there too, which means soon we’ll have to make a decision on the colour that we want the floor to be stained, the look and feel of the bathroom, and the position of electrical sockets in the walls. When we were told it would be done by the end of October, that seemed a long way away, but it’s really less than seven weeks. Things have a habit of moving slowly, then moving very fast.

Our dishwasher doesn’t work yet, though. I had the brainwave of using it as a drying rack, because we seem to fill the entire kitchen with dirty crockery every single day, and have no room to wash it all up and then have it drain. So that was a minor triumph. I suppose a bigger one would be getting the dishwasher to work, but we can’t have everything all at once…

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