I took La Serpiente to school on my bike today, and as I rode home to pick up my bag for work, a few drops of rain fell. I almost put the bike back in the basement, but then wimped out of carrying it down all the stairs to do so, and rode to work, miraculously dodging the rain that then fell for the rest of the day.
This evening there was a company sponsored event at Lumaze, a Christmas light festival down at the docks. I was hoping for something like Futureworld in Singapore, and the Seattle equivalent wasn’t as great. Perhaps it was because it was too big and spread out, or because it wasn’t as dark as Futureworld, or because they didn’t have a team of hyper focussed designers building out experiences, but it was just a lot of lights inside an enormous warehouse.

The girls liked it though, because they got candy canes to eat and Christmas things to play with I wandered, a bit shell shocked and exhausted, through hallways of light, towards the inevitable food trucks. Is that an attempt at poetry?

We got the kids down, and then I lost two hours to television. I could have worked out, or slept, or both. Maybe next time.

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