I took the girls to the park this morning, but was accompanied by a cacophony of complaint. That was because I was taking them to the wrong park (La Serpiente was desperate to go to Kelsey Park and climb on a very high climbing frame) and then Destroyer was sad and hungry and I had to feed her raisins.
We got to the play area in the park and I put the girls on the swings. That kept them happy for a while, as did sliding down a slide, but then La Serpiente, feeling ambitious, ran over to the climbing frame. She slipped and landed on her neck, and came back howling. So then we walked back home again, placating the girls’ cries by buying them magazines to read as we passed the newsagent.

Once home, the girls gibbered and played while I tried to work, and then we went back out again, taking them up to a friend’s toyshop in Crystal Palace. I had a call at 4, and with the bus taking time to get up the hill, I’d no sooner got to the toyshop than I had to turn round and head back home again.

The girls stayed with my wife and came back an hour later, bearing toys and further gibbering. It was my turn to put them to bed tonight, and as usual I fell asleep next to them, until my wife dragged me out about nine. Then I just had the fun of unearthing a treasure trove of old boardgames, and thence to bed.

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