Marginal improvements

A cold, dark day today. Even with my heater on, the floor beneath my desk remained chilly all day long. It stayed dry until the evening, so La Serpiente and I got to walk up the hill, buy a book at the bookshop and walk home again, but when the rain came, I had to rush out into the wet to put away the firepit so it wouldn’t get rusty. That turned into a manic dance, trying to fit things in a multidimensional jigsaw puzzle in the space under our back porch, in the dark. I emerged, hands and face black with filth, and had to scrub them for most of an hour to get the grime off.
On the other hand, I used bulldog clips to pin up the curtains in our room. Now the heating vent isn’t blocked by the curtains so we get warmth into our room, rather than just heating up the drapes. I borrowed our neighbours’ hammer and fixed the skirting board in the kitchen that had fallen off, and the squirt of silicone lube I’d sprayed on the bathroom door hinges the other night seemed to have worked – no more squeaks.

So this was a day where I didn’t improve myself much, but at least I made the house better. Baby steps…

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