Markets and Portals

We drove to Fremont Market this morning, which is like Ballard Market but smaller, and with more hipster stuff and less food. I bought a hat, we went to Ballard Market and then we ate food. Simple, really.
This afternoon our friends returned to Canada; we had chores to do like feeding our neigjbours’ dogs, and then I had a nap because late nights and early mornings are the death of me.

This evening, the kids went to sleep super fast. On Friday night it took until 1030 for them to get to bed. Today, we were done by 730 and so I could read my book, go climbing and even watch the first 40 minutes of Troll Hunter this evening. All of which is good preparation for going back to the office tomorrow.

My Portal arrived today as well. For a while I’ve wanted a way to have video calls with home that don’t rely on holding a phone away from the kids. Now, with the camera mounted on top of the TV, and video routing through the TV, we can sit on the sofa and have reasonable conversations. Except somehow my kids faces have hijacked the facial recognition software and it refuses to focus on me, it follows Destroyer around the room, as my daughter and technology conspire to taunt me. Which is an achievement of sorts, I suppose. A fuller shakedown of the Portal will follow soon.

But now, after the first proper exercise for a week, and with half a fruit pie in me, it’s time for bed.

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