Meltdown consistency

I’ve had three meltdowns from La Serpiente in two days now.

Last night she raged and raged after she didn’t have enough dessert.

This morning, she wept because I told her she had to carry her violin to school, and things got so bad we had to sit on a bench and read a book before she was able to get control of her sobbing.

And then this evening when she watched more TV than we told her she could have, and then I have her five strawberries for dessert, I had half an hour of her running around, jumping up and down, refusing to let me brush her teeth and constantly demanding that she got ten strawberries instead, because five was worse than none.

At least Destroyer was calm and went straight off to dress for bed without complaint. I read them three stories (the end of a Natbof Victoria horror, Where The Deep Ones Are (Destroyer’s choice) and a book about snow) and then they curled up next to me and we all went to sleep for an hour. 

My wife had gone out to climb. (We’d gone climbing together at lunchtime for half an hour so I was worn out, but she wanted more.) I woke up, played a bit of Blood Bowl (I lost 3-0, which was dreadful) and then went to bed, exhausted. Tomorrow, I hope we have no screaming. 

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