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  • Meltdown consistency

    I’ve had three meltdowns from La Serpiente in two days now. Last night she raged and raged after she didn’t have enough dessert. This morning, she wept because I told her she had to carry her violin to school, and things got so bad we had to sit on a bench and read a book […]

  • Not just my dessert

    I went to the track tonight to run another interval session; this time five lots of 1200m, with each repeat done in 7 minutes. The slower you are, the more punishing this becomes because you have less recovery time, and so it was for me: I managed three sets, the last with the wheels falling […]

  • Costa Coffee, Vivocity

    I had a surprisingly cheap foot massage today (about the same price as it would be in an upstairs room in Chinatown, but in the far more relaxed atmosphere of a Thai place in the Vivocity mall. The mall itself is usually fairly expensive and very noisy, so finding something cheap and quiet bordered on […]

  • Chocolate tart

    This evening, my wife fed me part of a chocolate tart she had baked. Last night we tested out a smaller version in a heart-shaped Le Creuset ramekin I gave her on Valentines’ Day a few years ago. That time, the tart was so good that we were literally captivated by it, unable to stop […]

  • Wholewheat Chocolate Chip Cookies

    For my first post I thought a nice cookie recipe would be the right way to go. My husband is British and he has given me the impression that all Brits require dessert after every lunch and dinner for a meal to be complete. Now I have been remiss in providing my husband with the […]