Not just my dessert

I went to the track tonight to run another interval session; this time five lots of 1200m, with each repeat done in 7 minutes. The slower you are, the more punishing this becomes because you have less recovery time, and so it was for me: I managed three sets, the last with the wheels falling off completely, before packing it in and running around the track at slow, slow pace to at least get the miles in. I guess yesterday (and the eight days preceding it) really did wear me out.

I also have almost every app on my phone now configured to tell me I’m not getting enough sleep: perhaps all the nagging will finally have an effect. I hope it does: I have slow, slow legs today and the rest of my body is complaining too.

But I shouldn’t complain too much. After all, Halloween today meant our kitchen staff went a bit crazy and there were chocolate filled doughnuts, eyeballs coated in strawberry "blood", dark chocolate bars, the full nine yards. I had one of everything to the amazement of my team, as if a man who eats multiple desserts for lunch is abnormal. I had my just desserts alright, and a little bit of veg on the side

I got home from the track just in time to put La Serpiente to bed. I’d made the mistake of thinking I could jog from the track to Kallang MRT station. There’s a reason why Stadium MRT is called Stadium, because it’s next to the stadium, not three quarters of a mile away. Maybe I needed the extra mileage.

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