Memorable Day

It’s Memorial Day in the US; the streets were quiet, our place was a bit of a madhouse after the girls had sleepovers last night and didn’t get to sleep until past 10pm. Although they slept in late, Destroyer was tetchy all day, even after I took her and her sister out for a walk. Well, maybe because I took them out for a walk and made them go all the way to Phinney Ridge and back.

They did get gelato, and a book each at the bookstore, so it wasn’t unalloyed brutality, but once home again I tried to persuade them to go with me to see my friend David in Issaquah, and give my wife a bit of a break. But David wasn’t answering his phone and so I skulked in my basement and tried to tidy my office up, and it was while I was activating a credit card that I got a call from a friend of mine, asking to take her to the ER for stomach pains.

I’m glad that I have experience now with the ER in Ballard, and know that for anything serious they’re going to have to transferred to the ER in First Hill, five miles away, and get retriaged on arrival after you’ve been waiting in Ballard for hours, so I drove her instead to Northwestern, The Hospital Overlooking The Cemetary, instead, and got her checked in.

A few hours later and a CT scan later and they had a diagnosis for her that was more serious than indigestion or food poisoning, but by the sounds of it she should be back home in a day or two, which is probably the same result as being down at First Hill but with less mucking about. We’re taking her son for the night and then on to our next grand panic, whatever that will be.

Kids went to sleep fast, and then, exhausted, I ordered a few bits of random stuff from Amazon, and then off to bed.

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