Mentally depleted

Today was my first day of work after a twelve day break, and the shift from wandering around doing nothing much in particular, to having to focus on specific things again, was really tiring. At least most people were also off all of last week, so the usual titanic backlog of emails hadn’t accumulated. Still, by the end of the day I was dead from the neck up.
My wife baked an incredible ginger cake for my birthday, and I had some for dessert. Somehow, the girls had agreed to forego dessert tonight, in favour of watching more TV, but then when Destroyer realised she wasn’t getting cake she first had a twenty minute tantrum, then wept inconsolably for another forty five minutes. We eventually got her changed into her pyjamas, her teeth brushed and her story read, all while she continued to weep, and then I put her to bed, waking up alongside her, drooling into her pillow, about 8:30.

It was also La Serpiente’s turn to have me cuddle her to sleep, and very altruistically she let me put her sister to bed, rather than complain. I hope getting Janet Dogwoman to read compensated for this.

So, between work and being screamed at, I was intellectually depleted by the time I came downstairs. I ended up playing two games of Blood Bowl near simultaneously, doing much better than my game yesterday, and getting on track to play an average of a game a day for December. I should really be reading more books and playing less computer games (and all the other hobbies I need to focus on) but sometimes, your brain needs a rest…

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