Meters and inches

We put the meter box back on the side of the house today, which involved lots of pushing and shoving, as we had to feed the power cables out of the house and into the box again. It was cold and gloomy today, but despite having to stand in chilly mud, we got things done.
Siding continues apace on the outside of the house and at last, we have all our windows put in. That means, I think, that we can get the kitchen wall demolished, and in turn that means the internal renovation can accelerate. If we have time to get all the wiring done, that is.

Tomorrow I’m taking Destroyer to the aquarium to look at fish again. Then, with three weeks to go, it’s time to start panicking about Christmas presents.

It’s also been a month and a bit since I started using Supernatural to keep fit on my VR headset. I wish I’d been weighing myself and taking my blood pressure more assiduously, because I’m really not sure if it’s had an effect or not. At least I can be sure that I’ve been sweating a bit almost every day in November. That must have meant something, right?

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