Minimalist Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day this year was a subdued affair as I’d not got myself organised to do anything special, and I’m also panicking slightly about the impending renovation. We drove to our latest favourite doughnut shop, Half and Half on Capitol Hill, got doughnuts, drove around for a while and stopped at a bookshop where we bought $200 of books, and then rushed home so I could drop the kids off and go help with the homeless.
I got back, took over my daughters again, continued to feel sore after yesterday’s fighting, and then we watched another hour of the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, and to put the girls to bed I read them the rest of The Magician’s Nephew, which they enjoyed much more than we had expected. The whole house seems to be going CS Lewis themed…

Then I made the mistake of trying to play Cyberpunk after leaving it alone for a week, and three hours vanished just like that. I really mustn’t do that on a school night. Perhaps I won’t be hungover tomorrow though (no cheese and wine binge, after all)

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