Missed out

I was meant to have my driving test today, but the instructor was out sick, as I found out after making the trip to the driving school. So that was a litle bit annoying, but I got to reschedule and also sort out a half hour warm up in the vehicle on the day of the test, rather than just get into a clapped-out Corolla and struggle to drive it at legal speeds.

Seattle was quiet today – I think a lot of people are already out of town for Thanksgiving, or taking the week off, and I’m hoping that this stays true tomorrow and we can get up to Vancouver with the minimum of delay at the border. We’ve learned from our last border crossing and now have a whole car full of food and entertainment for the little ones.

Of course, now I have to cope with dragging myself from my bed at 6 tomorrow morning. I guess I better get some sleep now so I’m ready for it…

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