Mission Impossible: Rogue State

We watched the latest Mission Impossible film in Imax, in the third row from the screen, in a freezing cold theatre. I can’t recommend this. You’ll put your neck out, and in close-up Imax format you’ll spend more time remarking to yourself on how Jeremy Renner looks like a potato, it appears Alec Baldwin’s head and neck have fused together, and Tom Cruise’s flesh has begun to rot. These are things that once seen cannot be unseen.

Aside from that and the INCREDIBLY LOUD SOUNDTRACK it’s an enjoyable two hours, although the fight scenes are incomprehensible. Maybe if we were further from the screen we could see what was going on. It’s strange to think how long Tom Cruise has starred in Mission Impossible films: longer than Connery in the Bond films. He was showing his age in the last one and he’s continuing to shrivel up now. Maybe the Scientology isn’t working after all.

It’s a very predictable film. Every cross, double cross and disguise is visible from a mile off, but then hey – it’s nice to get what you pay for…

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