Monday, just like Sunday

Again, roasting heat today. I spent most of the day in the cool indoors, catching up on work from last week, and occasionally going outside to cajole the children.
We rode out to Loyal Heights, where I took Destroyer on a bug hunt while La Serpiente sat and read. I didn’t need to do that, because this evening my wife pointed out we’re blessed with a huge selection of bugs: or rather, some horrible yellow jackets or other wasps have burrowed a huge hole into the lavender bush at the front of our house, and seem to be swarming about. I sprayed half a can of Raid into the hole but the wasps keep flying in and out, undaunted. It would be a real shame if we have to kill the lavender bush to get rid of them, as we have lots of bees flying around that too. And the creeping raspberries that I don’t want to spray with chemicals. What to do? I guess we call the pest controllers. Or get the garden hose and try to drown the wasps…

The girls ran around in the park, then passed out. At some point, La Serpiente crawled out to lie down on the landing instead. It is warm, after all, and they need to find the cool, bit this can’t be the right way, can it?

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