More adventures in shopping

Two drinks last night and no coffee this morning contributed to a horrible hangover that took all day to subside. With my wife still suffering from neck pains, after I’d deposited the girls at school we both sat on the sofa for two hours, before heading out.
We spent four hours shopping; I had to visit two different Home Depot stores in order to locate a supply of 4 wire, 6 gauge cable so we could wire up the new breaker box, and then we had to pop into Costco and buy an enormous amount of stuff. It feels like everything costs $20 at Costco, which is a bargain if you buy pillows, a hard sell if you have to buy twenty dollar sized boxes of cornflakes, and hard to understand with packets of permanent markers. Ah well.

I also made a trip to Shoreline Library to activate my library card. This involved showing them my ID so they know I live in the county, but now I can borrow up to 100 books at once (Seattle Library has a more parsimonious 25 item limit, but no late fees ever.)

Then home, via Sip and Ship to return yet another broken phone to Google, an afternoon of wiring the house, and then an evening of upsetting La Serpiente with the end of The Golden Compass. I wonder if the film is a good idea tomorrow or not…

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  1. I love your blog. Mirrors my one and only visit to Costco last year. Nowhere to store all the ginormous packs. Total waste of a years membership. But now you have the basement – the world (or rather Costco is your oyster).

    • How much is it in the UK for membership? (It feels like something that’s compulsory when you move to Washington, like getting your driving license)

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