More bedtime discussions

Among other things, it was my turn to put the girls to bed tonight. My wife went out to go climbing, and no sooner had she left then La Serpiente began to weep and wail, demanding "mummy huggies" because at this point in life, every word gets a "Y" sound on the end of it.
She howled and howled, but I had no mother to give to her, and so after she’d disturbed her sister enough to make her start crying, La Serpiente went to sleep and I had to try to persuade Destroyer to lay down.

I thought I succeeded and so I left the room, only for Destroyer to pursue me ten minutes later, demanding a visit to the toilet (she’d drunk a pint of water immediately before bed, because, well, just because) and then telling me she was scared of the dark. "No, you’re not scared" I told her, and she lay down and I left, and she didn’t come out of her room again.

That gave me the rest of the evening to play a bit of Blood Bowl (a draw, with lots of players injured) and then my wife came home, and now as we’re both very tired, we’re off to bed.

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