More bedtime fun and games

It turned out that the reason the girls wanted to go to bed by themselves, without parental interference, was so that they could get up in the night to look at the stars. Perhaps I bear some responsibility for this interest, after I stuck luminous plastic stars to their bedroom ceiling in accurate constellations at the weekend. Anyway, they didn’t manage that, but they did get up on their own to watch the sunrise this morning, the dear little things.

Tonight, again they demanded to put themselves to bed, so I missed out on reading a bedtime story. And again, they spent an hour getting up and down, arguing about who would sleep on the inside of the bed, and eventually Destroyer slept on the floor. Entente?

La Serpiente woke once and came downstairs, and I took her back upstairs, and she almost kicked her sister in the head, as she was still on the floor, snoring gently. I put La Serpiente back down (independent they may be, but they still want cuddles) and then came back downstairs.

Today, I rode the girls to the cliffs again. You could clearly see the mountains, hovering above the horizon to the west. Riding home, there was another range (the Rockies, I guess) clear in the east. This I loved. The girls were happy that we stopped to buy snacks, and the proprietor of the cafe even extended credit to me because I’d left my wallet at home and couldn’t pay with my phone.

Later, I went back on my own and paid up, then rode down a big hill. I made the discovery that if you turn the motor off on my e-bike, you also turn off the speed limiter. So that was the first time that I did 28 miles per hour on my bike. That was rather fun. Probably for the best that I didn’t have a kid on the back at the time…

And so, to bed. A half day tomorrow, as I gear down for Easter…

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