More Dallas

It was jolly cold in Dallas today. Allegedly it was 19° in the morning but that soon went down to 5,and there were warnings that it might snow tomorrow and deny me my flight home. Hardly the hot sunny paradise I’d been promised.
On the way to the office, we drove past a naked man standing on the side of the freeway. If they’re thinking about keeping Austin wierd then how wierd is Dallas?

Ok: answer is not very. When we were past the naked men and the freezing cold, it was office – Starbucks – office – restaurant – hotel, and it could have been anywhere, again.

We had dinner at a Mexican restaurant. I had chips, a shot Co tequila, and some cheese. This diet is going to kill me pretty fast. I really need to eat some salad.

Anyway, to bed now. I’ll keep this short, as I’m up in 6 hours…

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