More flying around

Having not really had time to adjust to Washington state, I got on another plane this morning and flew to New York.

Knowing I would probably have terrible food (if any) on the plane, I had a burger at the airport and then got on the plane, where they fed me Cheez-Its for the flight, and I watched several films. (Anna vs the Apocalypse has this fantastic song in it, but turns out to be a brutal zombie film, rather than a comedy with zombies in it, Bromley Boys, which was … eh, and then the first ten minutes of The Dead Don’t Die, which was probably too much zombies on a plane for me).

JFK is a huge airport where you walk a very long way to get anywhere (unlike Hong Kong, which is enormous, but has trains and travelators). There is a train between terminals at JFK, but the terminals themselves seem ludicrously large to walk through.

Ah well. I got into Manhattan and went to my hotel, where they seemed to think I’ve stayed before. The view from the window is generic New York, and I’m sure I already have this carpet on my Hotel Carpet Instagram list, so perhaps I have, or perhaps I haven’t; I just can’t be sure. But it’s bedtime. When I wake in the morning, I will be clearer on this.

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