More improvement

I slept in until 11 today after a bad night on the sofa, still felt horrible, but after a day of doing very little, feeling closer to normal at the end of the day. So that’s progress, I suppose.
We persuaded the girls to watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory tonight, after much complaining, and yet again, they enjoyed it. It’s almost as if we know films that they’re going to like.

The kids went to bed, I had an atrocious game of Blood Bowl where my team were steamrolled off the pitch, and then I sat around doubting myself for a few hours. Eh oh.

Tomorrow it’s the weekend. The house is starting to look close to being finished, we have the electrical work coming on strong… Progress, progress, progress …

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  1. So glad your feeling a little better. And so glad you’ve started writing your blog again. Really missed it.

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