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My ear still hurt, although less, so I went to the doctor this afternoon. As I don’t have a regular doctor yet, I use Zoomcare, a healthcare on demand service where you never seem to see the same practitioner twice. I suppose it’s a guaranteed second opinion.
My second doctor seemed a bit more switched on than the first, but then it wasn’t Christmas morning. And I’d had more than an hour’s sleep. So she examined my ear, tried to pry some wax out (couldn’t – there’s just too much in there) and then prescribed me new antibiotics.

When I was sitting my A levels, we discovered I was allergic to penicillin. When I reacted badly to penicillin. So that was a no-no and other antibiotics aren’t as good at dealing with ear infections. So we tried a drug related to penicillin, on the basis that if I started to react, I should stop taking them and return to the doctor.

So this time around, just to be sure (there’s between a 1-10% overlap in sensitivity to these different families of antibiotic) I got prescribed an epipen, which the pharmacist thought was a bit of overkill, but I prefer being deemed a hypochondriac to dying of anaphlyactic shock, thanks very much.

I picked up my prescription from Rite Aid, which for future reference is in a well rough area of Seattle, then walked back to the office. I discovered later that another side effect of this drug is you may suffer diarrhea. Several months later. So, er, that’s great, then.

Anyway, one dose in, no rash, no fever, no shortness of breath. Here’s hoping tomorrow goes just as well…

And then it’s 2020. How did that happen so fast?

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