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After the girls were asleep, I slipped out to the gym and did ten laps in the pool, and when I was thoroughly exhausted I went up to the sauna and sat in it for 15 minutes. This time passed incredibly quickly, and I’m sure I felt better for returning my body to Singaporean temperatures. Especially so as I’d had to cycle home in the cold without one of my scarves to protect my neck, and I’d been feeling really rather cold.
This evening I finally got around to gluing together a Blood Bowl team that’s been in my to do pile for top long. I did some evil Chaos Space Marines too (I have a whole platoon of them from last year to assemble too, and a team of lizardman, and a mutant minotaur, but then I can paint them all up and justify another purchase).

So I sat doing this while the TV burbled in the background and my wife chilled out on the sofa. That was a proper bit of family time, with added polystyrene cement. And I swam 250m today, so that’s good.

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