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I drove to the climbing wall in our new car, and only managed about forty minutes of climbing. I was feeling weak, a combination of not working out enough in the week, and being tired. So I cut my losses, drove home, and tried to have a video call with a friend, at which point I realised I was so tired my eyes were hardly open, millimetre high slits in my face. So no wonder I wasn’t great on the wall today, I was still basically asleep.
The car continues to be a source of wonder and amusement. It comes with an app so you can not only check the battery status from inside the house, but you can start it up and get the heater or the air con running, depending on the weather, and ensure comfort when you get in. You can’t switch on the heated seats, strangely, although you can activate the heated steering wheel. Strange things to complain about in this new world.

Tomorrow, have to sort out insurance. That’s the less fun part of buying a car. Also fun: looking at my solar panel production and working out if it’s paid for the fuel of the car yet or not …

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