More radbiking

I collected my Radbike, its brakes now Europeanised, and rode it home today. Seattle’s streets are dark but the bike does have built in lights front and back, and the magic of the electric motor whisked me home swiftly. I made it back in 27 minutes, which is 5 minutes faster than on a bike with no gears and no motor, but as I refine my route perhaps I’ll get quicker (and the other thing is I hope to be able to ride to work several times per week rather than a couple of times a month).
I got back as my wife was putting the finishing touches to dinner, so I chowed down, read the girls bedtime stories (dark ones about faerie types) and then played several games of Blood Bowl before I realised I had to attach a rack to the back of the bike so that the kids can ride safely in it.

So in a panic, down to the basement to work with Allen keys, a strangely enjoyable distraction. It’s warm in the basement with the furnace going, it’s dry and I couldn’t see any rats. What more do you want?

Now, exhausted, time for bed. I have a busy day tomorrow…

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