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I woke up at 7:30 on the sofa with the girls demanding breakfast, so I gave them cereal and then went upstairs to bed, waking four hours later, rested and ready for the day.
A day where we didn’t leave the house because the air is still dreadful; the sun blotted out by the smoke, the rest of Seattle invisible behind the pollution. The girls seemed to be ok; we made a house together from Lego (including a climbing wall, of all things) and then we let them watch 73 Cutest Animals, a reductive show on Netflix full of … well, cute animals, obviously.

In the evening we gave them a movie to watch; I chose Wreck It Ralph, which, reliably as ever, had me weeping in the last ten minutes, and freaked the girls out for most of it. We gave them melatonin afterwards then put them to bed, and then because I wanted to watch the Wreck It Ralph sequel, we watched the sequel to The Babysitter instead, a gory horror comedy about a Satanic babysitter. No, really.

Then, as we hadn’t watched enough TV, we watched Ralph Wrecks The Internet, and then it really was time for bed. I think as far as sequels go, Lego Movie 2 is better than the original by a long way, whereas it’s hard to argue one way or another for the Ralph films (although the second never makes me cry) and the Babysitter films are just schlock, but fun schlock. More pull ups, less TV tomorrow, I hope…

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  1. Lego 2 is much better than Lego 1. After watching Lego 2, we rewatched Lego 1, and I was surprised at how much shooting there was for what’s ostensibly a children’s movie. There’s some fighting in Lego 2, but it’s much more a rom-com than the action flick that Lego 1 is.

    On the other hand, I think Trolls is superior to Trolls 2. But not sure I’ve watched them both repeatedly enough to make that judgment.

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