More skating around the issue

We took the girls for a second skating lesson today. Now La Serpiente can skate backwards, and they can both turn, stop, and fall over without freaking out.
Their teacher has to put up with the almost incessant talking from the two of them (it’s glorious how verbose they are, but at times I felt they should let him get a word in edgeways about how they should stand…). But clearly something is getting in there, because they’re both getting scarily competent.

Again, as before, La Serpiente is the more physically proficient (all that unicycling, ballet, cycling and climbing is paying off) and Destroyer is more slight, but concentrating more on what she’s told. We spoke to the girls on the way over to the skate shop, stressing the importance of getting the basics right first, and I think they are both taking that on board.

Next week we have another lesson for the two of them, and then we’ll have one lesson for each of them on their own. That means I won’t live in terror of my daughters taking each other out in a wheeled disaster. Or at least, not at the shop.

I got them home, we fed them quesadillas, and with two chapters of the BFG in their heads I put them to bed so I could sprint out to climb. And now I am worn out, and must sleep.

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