More sunshine in Seattle

We went to look at the house we’re buying, to take measurements and figure out how to arrange our furniture within it. La Serpiente and Destroyer, both a bit under the weather, gibbered and capered in the sun, while I planned the enormous shed that I’m going to build in the back garden.
This morning I played a game of Blood Bowl before we left, winning for the first time in 26 games with my goblins. It could easily have gone wrong if my chainsaw wielding goblin hadn’t been so successful, but I paced the match almost perfectly. So that has been a nice start to the day.

In the afternoon we looked at lots of different sofas, where Destroyer helped me by sitting on each one and saying "too soft". Then we walked to the local boardgame shop and bought a game about hamsters collecting food, and another about Newfoundlanders making jam. So, pretty normal.

We also went to the Locks in Ballard, where there’s a beautiful park, a salmon ladder and of course the locks. There are far fewer salmon than there used to be; 15 years ago there were 20 times as many, so that’s a bit concerning. But the sun shines on, and we forget about that sort of thing…

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