Morning meeting

This morning, as I was taking La Serpiente to school, she asked me to come to her morning meeting. This is a thing they do every day, and surprisingly parents can sit in. That was never something I remember from my school days.
The children assemble in a corner of the room, and then one points to the calendar, and all the children say what day it is, and then they all count how many days have occurred already and how many remain until the end of the school year. Then they have sight words, where one child points to a chart of words and all the children read them out, and finally La Serpiente had her abc section, where she pointed to different letters in the alphabet and the class had to work out what she was spelling.

She spelt "number" which none of the kids got, somehow guessing "abc" instead but that’s OK, I suppose. Throughout the teacher remained calm, which is more than I could have done. Then I left, got trapped in the school playground for a while, and eventually got to work.

Where I work, we don’t all convene in the morning to point at things on the wall. Perhaps we should.

This evening I went to the basement (damp again after the rain) and sprayed primer on 40 Blood Bowl miniatures. That was an achievement of some sort. And now to bed.

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  1. Do you get many parents sitting in? It;s getting harder for primary schools to get parents to come into school because they are working so much and a drop in might be an idea for our local primary school

    • You know, I’ll have to ask La Serpiente. It was just me on Friday, but I don’t know how often other parents come in

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