Mothers day 2020, version 1

We get two Mother’s Days in the family, because the UK one falls earlier in the year than the North American one. I wasn’t very good this year; I managed to call up my mother and wish her the best, but hadn’t done anything for my wife. Still, she’s waiting for the other day.

They closed the play area at the park today, which was a bit annoying but a sensible thing to do; all swingsets, slides and sandpits in Seattle are now out of bounds for the foreseeable.

As is becoming the Sunday routine, I took the kids for doughnuts (now purchased only as takeaway, because you can’t sit in any restaurant) while my wife shopped for groceries, and then I drove the girls to the park to frolic while we waited. They weren’t very good at observing six feet of social distancing so then we went back and picked up my wife, and all went home.

One of my resolutions was to help out in the community more, and finally I got round to it. I’d been meaning to volunteer at a local meal service for the homeless, just south of the stadium district, but never made it enough of a priority, and then COVID-19 meant gathering have all been banned. But there’s a table next to a mobile home down there, where you can drive up and drop off donations, so I put La Serpiente in the back of the car, loaded up a bag of fruit and granola bars, and gave that away. At least for a moment I can feel I’m doing something to help. Will try to do more next weekend.

What else happened today? I yelled at La Serpiente because she was on the verge of knocking a bunch of small plastic toys down the intake vent of the furnace. She got upset and I felt bad. Then, later, she knocked some other plastic toys down the intake vent of the furnace. Is that irony?

I did a bit of work, tried to figure out how to cancel a flight to Detroit I’m probably not taking, and carried a lot of laundry upstairs. As it was Mother’s Day, perhaps I should have folded it all up as well. So put down beig thoughtless on my list of achievements too…

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