Mother’s Day 2022

I tried to let my wife have a live-in this morning, but both girls were insistent on waking her up to give her the cards they’d made in school. Eventually I bundled them into the car and drove to get coffee, which meant I had to get macarons for the girls to placate them.
We got back, my wife was awake, we fed her coffee and then drove to Magnolia for a bakery she wanted to try. The girls demanded more macarons. Was this to be the leitmotif of the day?

I was in a grump, possibly from lack of food or constant demands for more macarons. We went to the park, where we saw a small, grumpy chihuahua-corgi cross, and also a huge nest in a tree, built by some bald eagles. Bald eagles that were having a bit of argy-bargy with a crow, which was rather exciting to watch.

Then it was a matter of cramming everyone back in the car and taking them home, antecedent to me going out to do outreach with the homeless south of Seattle. Today I had to help erect a tent for a wheelchair-bound man, and it’s obscene that in this country you can be unable to walk, and it’s quite acceptable for you to be put out on the street and hope for the random kindness of volunteers like the group I’m part of. So that was grim. I hope his tent survives a while, although I’m concerned it might also get removed next time it’s seen as inconvenient by somebody there.

Dealing with that meant thoughts of sunshine and blue skies were a little less wondrous than otherwise. I went home, we cooked hot dogs over a fire, I tried to think of things to calm my fretful mind.

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