I went climbing again after work today. I also rode to the office and back, so I’m expecting to be quite sore tomorrow, one way or another. I also have a 7am presentation, which I suppose is a good thing as it makes me go to bed early, but I’m really not a morning person, and the 9pm call at the other end of tomorrow makes it look like an egregiously long day. But on we go…
I meant to do some more tidying up today, but didn’t, what with getting home late, heading to our friend to pick up their car carrier for the impending feline arrival, all that sort of thing. Still, I can devote time tomorrow to tidying up after I’ve got through work.

Our contractor was in today while I was out at the office. I deduce this from various bits of furniture having moved a foot in one direction or another, and some more drywall vanishing from our living room. I think this is progress. We’re certainly moving in one direction or another.

But anyway, to bed now, to think more on this tomorrow…

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