Mouth of madness

I went back to the dentist today for a regular clean, as it’s been four months since this whole sort my mouth out escapade began. The good news is that my gums are improving slightly (probably because I’m using the electric toothbrush the way I’m meant to, rather than how I had been using it in the past). I was stressed because I had a call to get to straight after my appointment, so I declined fripperies like an extra laser clean of my mouth, but after what felt like an uncomfortable eternity of having things shoved in my mouth, I was done and could rush home again.
I rode my bike up to Phinney Ridge with La Serpiente and ate a cookie before going back to my desk. Then the day rushed past until it was time to go swimming this evening.

I did twelve laps, mostly freestyle, with two laps of backstroke in there when I was feeling especially atrocious. Though now I’m reliably doing two lengths at a time, so my stamina is improving, this has been a low energy week and so after 300 yards, I was done and dusted. Went home, played Cyberpunk until I unlocked the difficult ending, and then it was time for bed. To sleep, to dream of shiny teeth…

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