The rain came down today in buckets, and we’d left the girls’ raincoats back in our house, so that resulted in mass panic trying to get them to school. We had our friends give them a lift in their enormous SUV, then I had to walk them down the street to the gate. Still, the sun came out later so no big drama there.
I got the glad tiding from Hyundai that they’re paying for a rental car while ours gets fixed. So for somewhere between 1 and 3 months we now have an enormous Dodge Caravan to drive around in. It has space for seven people plus luggage, it has no Bluetooth or satnav, and it has a squishy suspension that means you can ignore speed bumps. Oh, and it’s not electric, but at least it has wheels.

We had a team building event where we were spoken to by a Canadian Paralympic swimmer with numerous gold medals: that was uplifting, and interesting in terms of how he focussed on process, not on result.

And then I wired some more of my house, which is super enjoyable. Tomorrow, I need to buckle down and do the final tasks for my Blood Bowl tournament, including checking the venue hasn’t closed down. So many things!

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  1. Glad your day eventually brightened up. We went to a TED talk given by a beach volley-ball paralympian. So inspirational. Followed by a soft opening of the bar at the St Pancras hotel. All arranged by The Guardian back in pre Covid times.

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