Moving day

By some herculean effort, I got everything out of the Airbnb and into the car in a single trip. If I’d had to drive a carload of stuff across Ballard, then unpack the car and go back to fetch more, I think I would have lost my mind. As it was, I felt very woe-is-me as I packed the car on my own, innumerable trips up and down stairs taking it out of me, but then I remembered I was letting my wife sleep in because I’d spent all yesterday gallivanting at Blood Bowl.
We were both tired today because Piiku, the cat we’re looking after this week, started howling at 3 this morning and woke us up. But he then hid somewhere in the house, while we stumbled about, half asleep, trying to find him and figure out what was up.

Today, then, we felt a bit bleh. I had lots of errands to do, dropping off a toaster oven, fetching our snow shovel, collecting prescriptions from the pharmacist, buying coffee, and missing out on my hoped for nap. In the afternoon we hosted our friends’ daughter (or our daughters’ friend) and they made a cake with the Percy Pig supplies my sister mailed. Which was great, as I got cupcakes to eat.

Finished the evening with two Blood Bowl matches, one a 4-0 scrubbing, the other a 1-1 draw where I could have won if I’d been slightly luckier, or braver, in the first half. But a draw is better than a loss.

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